All on Four Hybrid

In the past, the only alternative to replacing several missing teeth to full edentulous arch were traditional dentures. Traditional dentures, an acrylic appliance, is made to rest on the patient’s gum tissue. Because of this, patients can often become discouraged due to the instability, maintenance and pain that may develop. With today’s advancements in dentistry, there are several treatment options offered to restore missing dentition and provide patients with the ability to function normally with a beautiful smile.

Hybrid All-On-4 is an implant-supported denture the provides patients with a superior level of stability and support. Dental implants have not only become increasingly popular, but they’ve also provided better options to enhance your smile after losing teeth. Unlike many implant procedures where each missing tooth is replaced with an implant, Hybrid All-On-4 procedure requires only 4 dental implants for each arch. An upper and/or lower denture appliance is fabricated and then securely fastened onto the 4 dental implants, giving the patient a full set of natural, realistic teeth as well as the ability for patients to eat the foods they used to enjoy.